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Doing Pull-ups as part of your daily workout regime is a great way to increase upper body strength. Using this device, anyone can do a pull-up! The resistance will assist you when pulling up without compromising proper form or results. The band can easily be adjusted so that you can be consistently progressing on your pull-ups.

You no longer need to settle for average pull-ups, this device lets you increase your reps so that you can get a full upper body workout anywhere!

How To Set Up & Use

How To Set Up:
  1. Attach the straps to a fixed point that support your weight.
  2. Pull or release the straps until the rubber footplate is at the resistance level of your liking.

Our CC Pull-Up Bands feature unlimited vertical adjustment options, which allow you to use it for several different exercises such as stretching, abdominal exercises, dips, feet elevated push-ups. You can even use it as a swing if you desire.

Straps Adjustments:
The higher you raise the rubber footplate, the easier exercises like dips and pull-ups will be. And more challenging if you perform exercises like push-ups and abdominal exercises.

The lower you adjust the rubber footplate, the more challenging it will be to perform pull-ups and dips. And easier to perform push-ups and abdominal exercises.

How To Do Pull-Ups

Pull-Up Guide:

1. Start with your hands on the fixed point you have connected the CC Pull-Up Band to approximately shoulder-width apart with your palms facing forward. 

2. Place both of your legs on the rubber footplate.

3. With arms extended above you, stick your chest out and curve your back slightly. That is your starting position. 

4. Pull yourself up towards the bar using your back until the bar is at chest level while breathing out. 

5. Slowly lower yourself to the starting position while breathing in. That is one rep.

Pull-Up Progression Guide


We recommend for beginners that the rubber footplate should be approximately 50 - 70cm from the fixed point you have attached the CC Pull-Up to. 

When you have successfully performed 10 - 12 repetitions (with good form) you can move to intermediate level.


We recommend for the intermediate level that the rubber footplate should be approximately 90 - 110cm from the fixed point you have attached the CC Pull-Up to. 

When you have successfully performed 10 - 12 repetitions (with good form) you can move to the advanced level.


We recommend for the advanced level that the rubber footplate should be approximately 130 - 150cm from the fixed point you have attached the CC Pull-Up to. 

Remember to always use good form.

Health Benefits Of Pull-Ups

Did you know it's the most beneficial back exercise? Pull-Ups work the following back muscles:

- Latissimus dorsi: (largest upper back muscle)

- Trapezius: (located from your neck out to both shoulders)

- Thoracic erector spine: (the three muscles that run along your thoracic spine)

- Infraspinatus: (assists with shoulder extension and is located on the shoulder blade)

By performing pull-ups regularly, you also improve strength in your forearms and shoulders. If you want to improve your strength in these areas then pull-ups are a must!

You also build immense grip strength when performing Pull-Ups, which is very important in weight lifting. It has also been shown to help in manysports like golf, tennis, rock climbing, and bowling.


Features & Benefits


It’s made from high-grade steel and a strong threaded rope attachment that is made to never wear down and ensure safety.


It can be adjusted to fit any height. Adjusting the height of the band will also change the resistance of your exercise.  


This device can easily be packed into any gym bag and you can set it up anywhere that there’s a bar!

CC Pull-Up Bands™
  • Progression Assistance

  • High-Quality

  • Portable

  • 30 Day-Money Back Guarantee

  • Free Worldwide Shipping


24/7 Support

 We will do whatever it takes to assist all our customers as we highly value customer satisfaction.

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Over 800+ happy worldwide customers in the past year!

High-End Quality

All of our products go through vigorous testing to assure you are getting the best products delivered to your front door.

30 Day Money-Back 

Not satisfied with your order? No worries! Let us know within 30 days and we will give you a stress-free refund.


“Works really great for my pull-ups progression. Since I weigh over 100kg I can't pull myself up. But I've gone from 0 pull-ups to 3 in two weeks, and that's a big achievement for me in my fitness journey. These bands have been huge in both my progression and confidence, thank you!”

~Mark S.

“Most people can't do pull-ups. I, in fact, can perform easily 15 pull-ups. These bands are super effective when I perform Pull-Ups to failure and beyond. It allows my muscles to fully fatigue to maximize muscle growth. Highly recommended.”

~Stefan M.

“I've struggling to put on mass through dedication in both the gym and through nutrition. Been too weak to do any pull-ups AT ALL. Now, a year has gone by, and by consistently performing pull-ups with the bands, I can proudly say I can do 16 pull-ups easily. Awesome product for great results!”

~Eric D.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight is the resistance bands capable of lifting?

Our CC Pull-Up Bands can safely withstand up to 105kg (231.5lbs).

What materials are the CC Pull-Up Band made of?

The footplate is made of a non-slip rubber material, and the resistance bands are made out of nylon.

Shipping time

There is a slight delay because of COVID-19, but your order will arrive within 21-30 days.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We have a 30-day money-back guarantee, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a stressfree refund. Contact us at: or by filling out our "contact us" form:

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